Customized Solutions

Custom Formulations

Our company was founded on formulating gel and paste products. Today, we continue to develop innovative formulas to incorporate a wide array of ingredients.   We blend powders and meals using a large inventory of premium ingredients for unique possibilities.   Liquid and dry ingredients are available to create liquid or drench products.  We offer tablets in round or square tablets and cow or calf-sized boluses.

We create soft chews using SurbiteTM technology and hot extrusion dental chews for dogs or cats.

A wide variety of packaging options are available including pouches, jars and bags.

Research and Product Development

Our research and development (R&D) team brings together science, creativity, technology, and experience to shape future products. Our R&D team explores promising new ingredients and manufacturing approaches to solve livestock husbandry challenges and assist pet parents with supporting their dog or cat’s daily nutrition.

Our scientists have expertise in pharmacology, toxicology, microbiology, immunology, and biochemistry, veterinary medicine, and nutrition.

We maintain high standards for product quality and utilize our in-house analytical laboratory to ensure standards are met.  Our lab conducts microbial, analytical, active water and stability testing.

Quality Raw Materials

Our ingredients are subject to quality control protocols backed by in-house scientists with authority to reject material not meeting specifications.

Quality Assurance

Dedication to quality is supported by our in-house quality assurance program.  Laboratory tests for raw materials and finished products are critical to ensure accurate product labels.


We have cGMP procedures to trace ingredients through to finished goods and individual lot tracking.